The Characters

The story is about a group of very funny and often entertaining characters who pass through Ben’s Deli daily before they begin their workday. See how they behave or misbehave when the town becomes the center of a Wall Street market boom.

Allie leaves a great nursing career to spend more time with her troubled teenage son. She buys a hardware store and the business quickly plummets because of the boom. She seems to be the only person in town not making money from the new commodity boom.

Former Mayor Gilbert Gilchrist is still resentful that he lost the election. When he learns in advance of Pierre Beauty Products discovery, he concocts a plan to make millions from a vulture real estate investment.

Mayor Hector Alvarez has his hands full managing the town and dealing with a declining tax base because of the mortgage crisis. He fights the commodity craze believing it will destroy town businesses and home property values.

Johnny “True Value” Carrera is a member of the town council and investor in Gilbert’s real estate partnership. He sells the hardware store to Allie and weasels his way into the presidency of the new company formed to process the commodity.

Averill Winthrop is a penny stockbroker who never objects to the sharing of inside information, whether it is true or not. He’s never made an honest buck.

“Misty” Giovanna Francella is a three-time divorcee who is looking for a rich husband. She’s thirty-five, pretty and charming, but also can be territorial, mean and manipulative.

Panama Blonde. Catherine Mulcahey is a busty, bright and pretty forty-year-old estate auctioneer. Panama Blonde is Misty’s derogatory nickname for Catherine.

Bret Wolfman is a Wall Street merger and acquisition lawyer. Bret works crazy hours, but still is the most eligible bachelor in town. He provides pro bono legal advice to help Allie keep store solvent.

JB, a retired ITT executive, is a slightly mischievous knight in shining armor.

Decker owns a door and window manufacturer that goes belly up due to housing crisis.

And Auntie Ev, the leader of the Hedge Fund Grannies, figures out how to invest without betting the farm.


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